Day One

Well it's day one of the Mow-In!  We could not have asked for a more perfect day!  Few clouds, in the seventies, no rain, just perfect! 

There were so many tractors on display, it took two tents to hold them all and they were so full, people were parking tractors outside of the tents.  I never even moved my 62 preservation project tractor to the tents (manly because it is an LI with geared reduction wheels and I figured it would take me until Sunday to get there!).

I spent much of the day wheeling and dealing the trailer full of treasure that I determined that I would never use and needed to find new homes for.  The deals were great!  A lot of great equipment to be had.  It was tempting to buy everything!

We made it to the banquet this time.  It was a full house!  The banquet hall would hold 175 people and there were 175 people there!  The food was good (of course, I had been too busy to eat all day and I could have eaten a used C air filter) and the company better!  I didn't win the raffle tractor and as usual, it was a beauty!  Maybe next year!

As is getting to be too usual, the photographer was asleep at the wheel and there were few pictures of the first day!  Tomorrow, there will be pictures of the show tractors.  That is if I can wake up the photographer!

Trailers and trailers of stuff

From parts to whole tractors

Setup early in the morning

Lindey (pink boots) helps Jon ( orginize the tables

The tents go up

...then, the trailers begin to empty!

There was a demonstration of the Teramites!

There was several diferent models

It's important to have good transportation to get around and carry your stuff home


What to see how we make these tractors look so good!  Click here!