Everybody is always asking how to identify and date L/C tractors.  Some can explain key features better than others, but one picture is worth a thousand words.  This page is ongoing and your input and correction are welcome.

Oil bath air cleaner

There were a couple of different styles of these.

From ? to ?

Double gaurd or Wic air cleaner

From ? to ?

Dry filter air cleaner

from 1966 to 1976 on C models

rear facing Cast Iron carb with steel AC tube

Cast Iron carb from ? to 1960

From ? to ?

This one is on a 1946 L

rear facing Cast Iron carb with rubber u tube

Front facing aluminum carb

Front facing aluminum carb from 1962 to 1966

This one is on a 1966 L8

Rear facing aluminum carb

1966 to 1976

This one is on a 1969 C

Oil drain on an old L, low pressure oiling system

Because the early tractors were wet sump systems, the engine and trans had seperate drain plugs.

From ? to ?

Engine oil drain's new location

At some point, (I think when the oiling system went to hi-pressure) the engine drain plug was moved to the back of the engine.

From ? to ?

Another view of the new engine drain plug

Boss for the drain plug

When the engines were converted to dry sumps in mid 1958, the engine drain was not needed, so, no plug disapeared around 1959 or 1960.

Transmission drain

At the same time the trans drain was moved to the back of the engine, the trans drain was moved to the left axle , lower bolt late 1956. Here is a newer style drain, but the old drain boss is till there just not drilled and tapped.

No drain boss

At some point in production, the boss disappeared from the trans casting. This is on a 1969 C.

From ? to ?

Spring loaded valve cover

Old style spring cover is lifted to adjust valves.

From ? to mid 1958

New style cast iron valve lifter/cover.

This is a one piece setup. The valve is adjusted thru a small covered window.

From about 1960 to 1976

Intake Cam shaft, older

On the older engines, the intake cam shaft pertruded through the case similar to the way the exhaust/mag shaft does.

Intake Cam shaft, newer

On the newer engines, the cam shaft did not come through. The hole is there but sealed off.

Swiftamatic shift lever

In the center of the handle bar, in front of the gas tank, you can see the swiftamatic lever. This is on L8 or C8 tractors or a converted tractor.