Here are my machines.  I have acquired these from eBay, word of mouth and a want ad in local classified ad paper.  Most were non-running.  Some are running now.  I first started acquiring Gravelys to refurbish my yard and garden.  Some say I got carried away.  I'm not sure why.


1979 8123

This was my first Gravely. It was setup to run my rotary plow. It worked great. But I sold it!

Thee Amigos

I pickup these on eBay. My first 2 wheeler had a cracked clyinder. So, rather than buy a cylinder, I figured that I could get a cylinder out of this group. This was the first clue to my "problem". They are; 1959 LI, 1964 L8, and 1951 L. Not running

1946 brass tag L

This is the one I'm going to restore for show. Not running

1969 Dealer reconditioned 1948 L

This was built in 1948, traded in and rebuilt in 1969 by a Mayland Gravely dealer. I got it from the guy that bought it in 1969. It's running and is my main 2 wheeler. I use it for mulching and mowing. It was too fast for running the cultivator. Running

1969 C

This machine sat in a guys yard, uncovered for 12 years when I got it. A carb kit, points, and condencer and it started right up. Running

1969 C modified

I wanted my wife to be able to use this tractor, so I added an electric starter and dual wheels. The PTO does not work, so it pulls the tranportation cart, lawn roller and is setup for the snow plow.

1969 C modified

We live on a big hill. Driving the transportation cart with single wheels was a little unsettling, so I added the duals. Feels much safer.

1984 8199KT Professional

850 hours when I got it. This one is in great shape if you can get past the orange and pink faded paint. Running

8199KT Pro

Here's a picture with the sheet metal in place.

1984 8199KT

Ready for action. See the Gravelys in Action page for this rig working.

1962 LI

This one I perserving. That means new paint to stop the rust. I got it off of eBay for $202.50. It had an electric starter a quick hitch and nice tortise style qh 30" mower. And it ran. Ran realy bad. 35 psi compression. I lapped the exhaust valve and got 68 psi compression. It gets my geared reduction wheels and a cultivator. In the winter, it gets the snowblower. Running

1962 LI perserved

Here is the newly perserved LI with geared reduction wheels and square chute snow blower. Only needs the hood.

1975 Commercial 12

This one had a burned wiring harness and blown head gasket. It came with the 50" quick hitch deck. It runs. I was going to sell it, but I made the mistake of using it and now I'm keeping it. Running

1972 Commercial 12

This needs some real help. Bad starter, so I haven't had time to do anything with it. That's a 50" tophat mower on the front. I'm keeping the mower, but selling the tractor . Not running. Update: it's been sold.

1966 L8

A guy bought this one used but hardly used it. He was afraid it might run over him. Parked it in his shed 12 years ago and had not used it since. A tree smashed the roof of the shed, so he had to empty everything out. Called me and asked if I wanted to buy it. I tried to say no, but could not. I might sell this one.

1972 CI

The PO bought this one new in 1972, used it until 1986 when he moved to bigger yard and got a tractor. It sat in his garage for 20 years until I picked it up. Magneto had spark but the carb had 20 years of aged gasoline in it. Rebuilt the carb, new battery and the LI came to life. Running

1967 424

Got this machine with the 816. Got it from the son of the original owner. The 10hp engine is missing, but was replaced with a K301 in 1992, that's almost brand new for a Gravely! The engine runs, but leaks gas. I rebuilt the carb and it runs. Can't do much with it because the front end is so light it's hard to steer going up hill. Without an attachemnt that is.. Update: this engine went to the 1984 5665.

1974 816

This one has an Onan engine, but I'm not sure of the condition. I'm interested is this tractor because it has a lift hitch and is setup for a rear PTO. The rear mounted tiller was what got me looking at Gravelys to begin with.

1982 8199KT Pro

This one had been sitting in a barn for 5 years. PO parked it when the reverse clutch came apart. He purchased this one new.

1982 8199KT

Cleaned up kind nice. This has a KT19 Series I engine that is still going. Hour meter show 900 hours and works. Came with a 60" deck and rear wheel brakes.

1984 5665 Commercial

Got this one because the PO said it just stopped in the mid-mow. I hoped it was a head gasket, but it turns out the piston does not go up or down! Opps! On the project list.

1984 5665 in service

Here's the 5665 after an engine transplant and a steering brake kit added. It's now part of my exercise program.

The Gravely Yard family portrait Sept. 2007

In front; 1969 dealer reconditioned 1948 L. Clockwise; 1972 CI, 1970 C8, 1962 presevation LI, 1982 8199KT, 1984 8199KT Series II, 1975 Commercial 12, and with the wooden cart, 1969 C. 9-30-2007

1983 8163B

Could not pass up this one owner tractor. It has a single cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine and hydraulic lift.

1988 12-G Proffesional

I've never owned a Gravely that was less than 20 years old! This one has the foot forward/revese. It' kind of nice.

This is a 1994 Pro-12, pull start! Who's bright idea was that?

Sweet 8122. This is one of my front line machines.

1973 816 with keyed clutches and it runs! I might restore this one.

Nice 16-G, but it sat outside and the paint faided. It lives in VA today.

Nice 8122-G. I already have the 8122, so this one found a new home.

1978 8160 Commercial. First year of the 8000s. Looks like an 800 with a red paint job. It lives in NC now.

Finaly got a big G! 1990 20-G with a 60" deck. I was going to sell this one, but it just keeps growing on me.

If I can find a set of rear brakes, it's not going anywhere.

My first 500. It's a 1976 546 with a very strong engine.

1985 ProMaster 50. 16hp Kohler single, 50" deck. This is one fun machine to drive.

I've never seen one of these in this nice of shape. I keep getting offers on it and they are getting harder to turn down.