This page is devoted to Gravely 4 wheel tractors, or as we like to call them, riders.

400 series

400 series rider

Based on the Kohler powered two wheeler transmission

Rear view

Front grill design carried over to the 800 series

Basicly a two wheeler with front wheels.

These transmissions have 6 lead worms (same as LI and CI) and a two speed axle (swiftamatic). Wider axles and large tires.

800 series

8000 series

G series

G series rider

The last model of Gravely rider, the G series features a large hood that opened.

Real head lights

The hood allowed easy access to the batery, gas tank, hydraulics and electrics

Kohler Magnum engines

The G tractors featured Magnum engines for the most part.

8 speed all geat transmission

The Gs used the same trans-axle as the late model 8000 tractors. They did have tappered axles and hubs.

Froward reverse control

Late G tractors had a foot controled forward/reverse pedal.



Rider Clutches

Older Plate style clutch

This is the clutch on 800 and 8000 series tractors up to 198?

Bell and strap clutch

This is the new style clutch used on 8000 and G tractors from 198? until the end of production.


Front wheel weights

The original weights can be quite rare and expensive.  Here are some made out of bar bell weights.  You need the Olympic style with the 2" hole.  It's just a mater of drilling bolt holes.

Original Gravely 15 pound wheel weight

These were designed for wheels and to be stacked on the the front and rear weight racks.

5 and 10 pound weights

These are available in most sporting goods stores. The cost is anywhere from $.50 to $2.00 per pound.

5 pound in rim.

Find a 5 pound that will tuck into the rim.

10 pound weight in place.

Find a 10 pound that will fit into outer lip of the rim.

Extended bolts allow additional weight to be added.

Here is an additional platte added for a total of 25 pounds.