Since the Mow-In is in August and only around 40 mile from Antram's Enterprises, Dave Antram decided to have the annual swap meet in the Spring and to host it at the Chickentown Gas and Steam Association's annual gas and steam show.  It was a good idea!  The show was great and there was stuff there to do for those of us that don't get excited about talking Gravelys ALL day long!  The Chickentown crew were most gracious hosts and we felt very welcome there.  They were very helpful moving our trucks that got stuck in the mud!  I'd like to thank Jerry Schimpf, President of the Chickentown Gas and Steam Association, for his help and direction.  And of course, thank you Dave Antram for making this swap meet happen!

Larry Keaton and Dave Antram discuss Gravelys.

Notice the tire marks in the sod. My truck is supose to have a limited-slip rear end, but today, it was total-slip.

Plenty of space to setup and a view too.

setting up early

paparatzi harasing the celebrities.

More setup

Not even setup and the dealing begins

Cogan Valley Machine sets up.


lots of mud

People begin pouring in.

Robin Snyder was there with rebuilt Kohlers

Nice engines

Unloading still

Cogan Valley Machine's tent

That's Larry setting up.

David Bange way over there.

Would buy something form this guy?

Need a 4 wheeler?

Nice and orginized

Complete ready to plow 817 rider

Some tractors were just for show

That's Larry's LI8 with GRWs on the left and Bruce Guthrie's Honda L conversion on the right.

This is a slow machine

This is a clean machine

Adapter plate

Quiet too

Mark from Ohio and his future Gravely fans.

One of the next generatios of Antrams

There was much more to see besides the Gravelys

Hit or miss powered oil well pump

small engines

Bigger engines

Huge engines!

Biggest badess mumber jumber in the hood!

Lindey wanted this truck. She said it needed a Gravely on the back.

It's time to go home, but we can't.

The ground was like a piece of greased glass. Larry tries to help with the traction.

My pretty, but worthless, SUV tires just couldn't cut it.

Maybe a Gravely can get this rig moving.

Not quite, we need more traction!

Robin adds some more traction to the Gravely.

We need something with some weight!

And the clavery arrives.....

Can it do it?

Oh yea! with ease...

I was told not to try to stop until he did, I listened. That's why my truck is still in one piece!

back on solid gound

trailer and all

We unhook and say our thank yous.

And off I go!

..and go...Bye Lindey....

Dosen't look like much. I think I need some mud grips.