ANTRAMS Swap Meet 2009

Day one, Friday

 Once again, I had to bribe Lindey to allow me to maintain my Gravely habit.  Our usual abode at the Super 8 was unavailable, so I had to come with an equivalent.  Turns out there are only two jacuzzis in all of Somerset, so I have to book the bridal suite at the fabulous AAA Economy Inn.  Well.........

Wow! I'm having a flash-back....

Pink lights and too many mirrors!

The room was tiny, and lit with red and blue lights. There were far more mirrors than people our ages really need.  But, as Lindey said, "at least it's clean".

She was happy and I was sad.  The darn place cost as much as a trailer load Gravelys!


Day two, Saturday

As usual, I was too busy running around looking, talking and wheeling and dealing to take a whole lot of pictures, but here's what I did get;

Things got started early.

Geared reduction wheels, steering sulkies, snowblowers

need a rebuilt Kohler? Robin Synder had plenty

Check out the new looking rider snow blade!

There's on of those Gravelys for mowing steep hills.

There's the CoganIronWorker's tent, complete with new products

The art of the deal! Bill Garner and Dave Lester broker a deal.

Trailer loads of tractors

More trailers, more tractors

From rust bucket to fully restored, it was there

Even a GMT 900/9000!

Kevin Klase, Bill Guthrie, and others discuss something, and I'll bet it's Gravely

Brian Jennings And Shawn Kohlbus show off their wears. Need a stump grinder?


Once again, another trip, well worth while!  It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  A lot of good Gravely stuff found new homes.

Special thanks to Dave, Larry, and the whole Antram's family for making this such a good event for everybody involved.  It has to take quite an effort to put on an event like this, and I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say Thank You very much!  See you all next year!