We got a late start heading to Somerset this year.  We didn't go setup Friday night like we have in the past.  Saturday morning, we awoke to rain.  When we got to Antram's, it was still raining, but before 9:00am, it stopped and didn't rain again all day.

I was so busy running around looking at stuff, trying to sell my sulkys or just BSing, that I forgot to take any pictures until everybody was packing up to leave!  I must be getting old....

As usual, there were great deals to be had.  A lot of parts and some nice tractors as well.  Dave and Larry were wheeling and dealing as well and as always, there was food and drink and the great, laid back atmosphere that has made it a fun trip for as long as I've been going.  Lindey said she'll be back next year, so will I!

Thanks Dave and Larry and the whole Antram Family for another good time!


The rain stopped early.

The sky stayed cloudy, but it was nice and cool all day.

Did I mention sulkys, there were thousands!

Complete leaf-vac. Restored and nice.

From nuts and bolts to whole tractors!

There were mower decks from 30" to 60". Reel mowers, snow blowers, snow blades, leaf vacs, carbs, magnetos, whole rebuilt engines, and if you needed anything new, Antram's was open for business.

"You sold EVERYTHING!"

Lots of good stuff changed hands.

Sure wish I had remebered to take pictures BEFORE all of the good stuff was gone.

Lindey's all happy that I have enough money left to get us home.

Getting the treasure home.

You've heard that you can't have too many Gravelys. Well you can't have too much truck either!

Ready for the road.

I can't remember this gentelman's name, but I sure would like to know if he (and the cart) made it home OK. That sure is a beautiful tractor too.