A lot of people wonder how I get Lindey to help me load and unload, go to shows and let me fill the yard with Gravelys....

This is how!  I pamper the heck out of her!  (bribe is another word...)

Delux acomodations at the Super 8 Motel


Hey it was dark when we got to Antram's.  We unloaded  and headed for some food!  Lets see what tomorrow brings.......


We it's tomorrow!  We hit the field at day break and things started happening!

Day break and things get started.

Trailer after trailer of treasure!

Pickup loads as well!

Plenty of ground to spread out, no crowding here.

And the bargaining begines..

..and more stuff arives....

Pink Boots marks prices at "Rebel Ron's Used Sulkys"

Used sulkys of all types....

Cruzing for a good deal!

Deals were going down everywhere.

Families shopping for the perfect Gravely accessories.

There was just about everything!

It wasn't just parts, there were tractors to look at!

Some beautiful restorations!

Plus award winning resterations....

I'm not sure they looked this good brand new!

Looks just like mine, but without the rust.

That's Antram's way in the back round.

It was a good time for all.  I got a ton of parts from Antram's (thanks Larry and Dave), found good homes for some of my stuff, meet some great people, and saw some great tractors!

How good was it?  All I can say is that I now only have TWO riding sulkys to my name!!

Time for more stuff.......